Smart Lighting Cabinet

ámbiot cloud platform connected device. It can be used instead of standard power lighting cabinets. Specially designed for fast installation and deployment of the smart lighting system on site.

Smart Lighting Cabinet Functionality
  • Powerlines control in automatic | semi-automatic | stand-alone | by operator | local mode
  • Electrical energy parameters monitoring for each phase
  • Could be connected to ámbiot cloud platform by GSM | Fiber optics | FTP cabel | Wi-Fi

Final technical specification of smart lighting cabinet could be defined after completing questionary

Smart Lighting Cabinet Functionality
  • ámbiot cloud server connection by
    • GSM
    • WiFi
    • Fiber optics
    • FTP cabel
  • Sensors connection
    • Door sensor | control access to the cabinet
    • Leakage detection
    • Smoke detection
    • Surge protection
    • Temperature sensor inside | outside of the cabinet
    • MCCB status
  • Individual control of the connected luminaries | G3 PLC
    • Control connected G3 PLC luminaires individually | connect up to 300 to one smart lighting cabinet
    • Get status for each connected luminaire
    • Collect energy parameters from each connected luminaire
    • Connect motion sensors to luminaire's controllers and add these sensors to the ambiot cloud platform
  • Electrical energy parameters registration and monitoring
    • For each phase, that is comming to the smart lighting cabinet
    • For each powerline, that goes to the luminaires
  • Smart lighting cabinet operation modes
    • Automatic | according the schedule
    • Semi-automatic | by smart lighting sensor
    • Stand-alone | in case of losing connection with cloud server
    • Manual | by operator from the user interface
    • Local | by switches and buttons on the enclosure
  • Personal configuration
    • The components of technical solutions is regulated by the customer
    • Different enclosures types
    • Different mounting kits for the pole | surface | wall | floor installation
    • Climate control | ventilation system
    • Surge protection Inrush current protection
    • Certified energy meters
    • Energy quality analizers

Smart Lighting Cabinet Technical Specification

  • Electrical energy quality analyzer
    Registration of electricity parameters and quality | storage data | logging | data transfer to the ambiot cloud platform
  • Surge protection devices
    Protect electrical and electronic devices from the surge
  • Certified energy meter
    Data transfer to the ambiot cloud platform.
    Tarification | Electricity cost
  • Sensors
    Door sensor | smoke detector | leakage detector | temperature sensor

Fast monitoring | Quick acces to every connected Smart Lighting Cabinet

ámbiot software platform user friendly interface allows to monitor status of the devices installed into smart lighting cabinet, and provide quick access for programming | manual control of the smart lighting cabinet directly from map | floor plan.
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