IoT for Smart Industry
Smart Industry

Smart Industry Cloud Platform

Our platform allows to raise safety and efficiency of industry objects, whether is industry complex or logical center. Our cloud solution extends knowledge about lighting control due to complex analyse of received data that allows to reduce operating costs and plan technical service in advance.
Smart Lighting
Smart lighting for small warehouses and big manufacturing complexes.
Intuitive interface informs about any activity and allows to optimize installation work remotely.
Our combined presence/illumination sensors with a detection zone within 40 meters are suited for warehouses, logistic centers, factories. The platform flexibility allows to choose a perfect solution for any customer budget.
ámbiot allows to control energy consumption at all of your objects and regulate lighting on the base of occupancy data in real-time to achieve maximum energy saving.
Sensors for Industry
Energy Consumption
Raise productivity and work safety due to programmable algorithms. Adapt lighting engineering installation according to tasks, time of a day or shiftwork.
Use data recieved from the heat load maps about building occupancy for work process optimization (inventory, delivery, planning)
Control indoor lighting and outdoor lighting from the unified cloud interface due to support of any control protocols (LoRa, PLC, DALI, ZigBee, DMX).
Space Optimization

Platform Functionality

Adjust control system to your needs
Control & Monitoring
Gather all the information about each device in real-time from over the world 24/7. Build the collected data into reports exported in different forms.
Learn about problems before they happen.

The platform produces a predicative analysis of breakdowns allowing to solve potential problems in advance.
Create any scenario for energy savings from a simple series of on and off patterns to natural lighting imitation by the method of colour temperature changing during the day.
Our devices are simply installed, suitable for different uses and can be easily integrated into a cloud system.

ámbiot open platform is perfectly suited for suppliers of innovative solutions in IoT sphere.
Control your objects using any mobile device from anywhere in the world.
Our app helps to make a setup phase quicker and react to possible troubles in short order.
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