IoT for Smart Building
Smart Building

Smart Building Cloud System

LED lighting installation and IoT sensors usage allow to optimize your workspace according to Smart Building concept. Thanks to our platform, it is possible to personalize lighting for any employer, therefore, increasing his productivity. Furthermore, using information about the availability of employers and workspaces you can optimize the work of the whole lighting installation for effective energy consumption.
Smart Lighting
Our platform allows to control lighting on several floors and locations at any place and time.
User-friendly interface informs about any activity and allows to optimize the work of your installation remotely.
Integrate smart devices for lighting control with the minimum human factor.
Our platform uses real-time data to analyze the occupancy of the room.
Use analytical reports on energy consumption to optimize the operating modes of your installation. You can create energy consumption reports in cloud or export the data to PDF and Excel.
IoT Sensors
Energy Consumption
Any Case Scenario
Possibility of programming individual algorithms and varios scenarios makes it possible to increase not only the KPI, but also significantly save energy consumption.
Our platform supports Human Centric Lighting and Colour Tuning algorithms. You can make schedules with color temperature changing according to a biological human rhythm.
Seamless integration with any BMS and SCADA systems. Support of modern standards Industry 4.0. of industry Internet (IIoT) on the MQTT base.
HCL Support
Complex Integration

Platform Functionality

Adjust control system to your needs
Control & Monitoring
Gather all the information about each device in real-time from over the world 24/7. Build the collected data into reports exported in different forms.
Learn about problems before they happen.

The platform produces a predicative analysis of breakdowns allowing to solve potential problems in advance.
Create any scenario for energy savings from a simple series of on and off patterns to natural lighting imitation by the method of colour temperature changing during the day.
Our devices are simply installed, suitable for different uses and can be easily integrated into a cloud system.

√°mbiot open platform is perfectly suited for suppliers of innovative solutions in IoT sphere.
Control your objects using any mobile device from anywhere in the world.
Our app helps to make a setup phase quicker and react to possible troubles in short order.
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